the sun jar
dreams aren’t
meant to be
kept in the dark.

The Sun Jar is a movement which seeks to help people get their dreams out of the dark, be it through little changes in their daily lives or real transformations.

Many of us spend a lot of time daydreaming about changing our lives. Some wish to change something small, while others would like to accomplish real revolutions in their lives. But few are those who really turn their dreams into reality.

Every great revolution begins when we decide to consciously change small things in our lives: habits, relationships, points of view. This is a gradual process and the scope of the revolution depends on how much energy you are willing to put into it.

If you are tired of daydreaming and wish to wake up to a new reality, you have come to the right place!! We are here for you!

In order to do that, our actions are based on the following pillars:

We believe meeting people who have
gone through this experience
and learning from them is a
valuable source of inspiration!
We share weekly stories on our
blog of people who have already
gotten their dreams
out of the dark.

When we decide to get our
dreams out of the dark we
face many moments of anguish,
restlessness and other challenges.
Having support throughout this
journey makes all the difference.
With that in mind, we offer
coaching programs, lectures
and workshops.

The right word at the right time,
an engaging video in a moment of
anguish and an enlightening text
in a moment of doubt are key
elements to motivation. We post
daily motivational “pills” on our
blog and facebook page.

Knowing that there are more
people in the same situation
is definitely comforting.
Being able to share and learn
together becomes essential.
Come to one of the regular
meetings we host.

The Sun Jar is a mason jar which contains a lamp that is recharged by sunlight. The jar is left outside in the sun during the day to charge and at night the lamp inside will automatically turn on.

That means a Sun Jar allows us to bring sunlight with us wherever we go, providing us with light in the moments of darkness.

The Sun Jar was founded to work exactly like this jar: to help people remember their own light even in the moments of darkness!


Hello, I’m Gabi! Nice to meet you!

I’m an idealist by nature, eclectic and a people-person who has always believed that anyone can get their dreams out of the dark if they simply choose to follow down this path.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from FGV in São Paulo, a specialization in Political Science from Science Po in Paris, and a Master’s degree in coaching from Integral Coaching Canada™.

Throughout my career I have held positions in the fields of strategy consulting, marketing and personal development at different multinational companies.

In 2014, I decided to turn my dream into a reality and founded The Sun Jar. Today I am a writer, personal development consultant and integral coach.

If you want to know more about me and my life story,  click here.


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“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” Tim Gallwey, Harvard

Coaching is a structured and sustainable development process that focuses on supporting people, groups and organizations to bridge the gap between who they are and who they wish to be in their personal and/or professional lives.

During your coaching process, our focus will be on helping you gain more awareness and insight into your moment, your needs and limitations, as well as supporting you in achieving your goals. Nowadays there are a number of different coaching methodologies. We specialize in Integral Coaching™.

Some of the possible benefits to be gained from a coaching process are: 

  • Certainty regarding your purpose in life and how to project it to the world
  • Preparation, planning and self-confidence to deal with moments of personal or professional transition
  • Increase in self-awareness
  • Better balance between professional and personal lives
  • Development of interpersonal skills

Integral Coaching™ is a powerful, complex and inclusive coaching methodology focused on treating individuals as a whole.

It was developed by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada, based on the Integral Theory by contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber .

The approach of this methodology first allows the coachees to become more aware of the way they currently deal with things so they can envision possible new ways to act. Then it focuses on working towards the development of skills that will help them achieve the desired results.

This development process encompasses all aspects of the human being: body, mind, heart and soul.

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Integral Revolution
Coaching Program

(Six to Nine months)

When to do it: this option is most suitable for those who are ready to undergo a profound and sustainable change in any aspect of their professional or personal lives.

What’s included: the program lasts between 12 and 18 meetings (depending on the topic the coachee wishes to work on), one every two weeks, supported by a robust and customized coaching program, including specific assignments to be completed between meetings. At the end of the program the coachee will feel totally reinvigorated and will have completely reached his/her goals.  

Consultations: via Skype, Google Hangout or in person in Rio de Janeiro.

Integral Growth
Coaching Program

(Three months)

When to do it: This is the top choice for those who would like to be supported in a quick and meaningful way while in pursuit of a specific goal. It is also recommended to those who would like assistance with taking the first steps towards a bigger transformation to be undertaken alone afterwards.

What’s included: six one-hour meetings over three months, so one meeting every two weeks. The meetings will be complemented by a customized coaching program, including specific techniques to be employed during each meeting. By the end of the program, after three months, the coachee will have reached the development goals established in the coaching program.

Consultations: via Skype, Google Hangout or in person in Rio de Janeiro.

Integral Wake
Coaching Program

(Two meetings)

When to do it: This is the perfect option for when you would like to have a few insights and gain more clarity and direction in order to move towards a specific goal in your professional or personal life.

What’s included: This program is composed of two one-hour meetings. At the end of the program you will have reached more clarity and understanding of the subject you wish to work on. You will also be advised on the points vital to your development and techniques which will support you as you move forward.

Consultations: via Skype, Google Hangout or in person in Rio de Janeiro.

Coaching for
teams or groups

We also offer coaching programs for teams or groups. The methodology used is the same as in the other programs and the format is developed in accordance with the needs of the team or group in question.

and workshops

We give customized lectures and organize workshops about themes related to self-awareness and human development. To know more, please write to:

Marketing and Business Consulting

We provide consulting for service providers in order to give them all the necessary inputs to structure a business with meaning in a sustainable way without losing connection with their essence. The purpose of this work is to give a solid foundation to put ideas into practice by building a new business or strengthening your existing one so that you can do something you love and also be rewarded for it.

To know more, please write to:

want to know more?

Contact us and schedule a free coaching session.

  • My big wakeup call led me to start taking ownership of my life.

    To be the boss and show up confident, present, and willing to be there. Willing not just during the good times, but also during the scary-hard-wtf-times. It took effort, but I realized no one was dropping out of the sky to create my ideal life, so I’d have to do it myself. Gabi, I hope you know that every time I’m doing something, ready to contaminate people with the “Flower Fê” way of being, you will be there to shine along with me, so thanks for everything!

    Fernanda Imperatrice Integral Revolution Program

  • I felt completely lost in my professional life.

    The only thing I knew was that I did not like my everyday routine, but I did not know what to do to change the situation or where to start. So I started doing coaching. It was one of the best things I have done in my life; from the beginning of the process until the very end I have felt very radical changes, from knowing myself better to knowing what to do with this knowledge and where to apply it.

    Karina Venezuela Integral Revolution Program

  • I see the coaching program I did as being a ladder

    Every step brings you closer to your final goal. The steps (techniques or assignments) are the foundations to growth and self-awareness and made me see: preferences, attentive looks, meetings with myself, pampering, being more patient. The meditation, to help ease my anxiety, was really cool, because it helped me see the vision of Gratitude, which you can only see after having climbed each step. How do you choose to look at what has already happened and what is still to come? The whole process was a huge success for me because Gabi was magnificent: she knew how to conduct each session with wisdom, professionalism and kindness!!! Thank you, Gabi, I’m really glad to have met you, to have you come into my life and to have you helping me shed light on my path and giving me strength to face a new phase of my life!

    Anabela Ghity Integral Revolution Program

  • I had an awesome experience

    Which was unveiled little by little with each new session, with the sweet and competent Gabi. She gave me some brilliant insights, which have greatly helped me trace new paths towards success in my professional life

    Sandra Wakwaser Integral Growth Program

  • With this methodology, no two processes are alike

    I’m sure of that. Would I do it again? Absolutely, because there are still many things I’d like to change about myself. Would I recommend it to a stranger? Definitely, because I wholeheartedly believe that a person connected to their true purpose makes the world a better place. By transforming ourselves into someone better, we are making the world a better place. That’s the transformation I believe in, since changing ourselves depends on ourselves alone.

    Juliana Garib Integral Revolution Program

  • I have a Holistic approach to Life which involves understanding myself and the contribution to other People in the world.

    I believe Human Development is the ultimate process for growth and Coaching with Gabi had its unique and dedicated work that helped me improve and move onto the next level.

    Bruno F. Integral Growth Program

  • Gabi impressed me from the start.

    Not only by the depth of her knowledge, but also by the creative intelligence with which she proposes things, in a way that everything makes sense to those who are listening. The range of her knowledge provides her with the unique ability of seeing things more broadly than at a mere 360 degrees. She is multi-dimensional and deep, yet practical and concrete.

    Patrícia Giglio Integral Wake Program

  • Hello! My name is Gabrielle, I am also a coach and I did a diagnostic session with Gabi a few months ago.

    It was amazing because of its power and the richness of the images and metaphors used. Gabi is very sensitive and extremely precise in the symbolism she creates to mark the path to be taken during the process, which greatly helps with understanding the whole thing. She also displays the openness and presence necessary to kindly talk about the limitations that need to be overcome, as well as self-sabotage patterns that oftentimes go unnoticed. It is a pleasure to have this type of exchange with her. I highly recommend her work

    Gabrielle Lopez Integral Wake Program

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